Sicily Histories APP is available for free with in-app upgrades for the premium. For free you can use the 3D map and see all the nearest point of interest (POI).

After the registration, you get free 2 coins to buy 2 POIs.


On the 3D map, you can see POIs nearest you. You can read all the guide of the POI, but you can play only if:

  • POI is on your range;
  • You have a premium account and you purchase the POI.

POI (point of interest)

There are three categories of point of interest:

  • Historical POI, divided in four historical era;
  • Touristic POI;
  • Commercial POI.

Historical POI have to sections: guide and play areas.



In this area, you find the POIs you have purchased and the POIs nearest you, even if they are not visible in the map. When you purchase a POI, you find  it on “my POIs” section.


In every historical POIs there are different games,  that you can repeat all the time that you want. Every time that you fail a game, you lose points and that POI will be not considered correctly finished to win prize even if you repeat the game. Every game has a medium level difficulty.

Games’s regulation:

  • Quiz/photoquiz/icons: you have to choose the correct answer for the questions. Most of questions are about general knowledge, history, art and literature. For every wrong answer, you lose points;
  • Puzzle: complete the photo as fast as you can; more time you spent, more points you lose. If you don’t complete the puzzle, you lose points;
  • Frequency: check as fast as you can the icon you see most frequently;
  • Memory: check the correct couple of icons.



Virtual coins are available in the  in app-purchase section. After payment, you’ll see your virtual coins in the bar on the top of the phone and how many POI’s you can purchase with your virtual coins.