In 2016, we participated to Invitalia’s Cultura Crea call to create a new cultural company and to promote our touristic idea. And we won a co-financing to start our adventure and to buy the technologies to work at our project!



But… there are a lot of things to do to create an exhaustive map of all the cultural and historical sites of Sicily and transform them in story and illustrations! Create interactives games is also very expensive and complicated! We need more technological investments and a great commitment.

But.. we love so much our Sicily and constantly we participate to call and look for investors, because we believe in our dream and we think the all Italy can be gamify!


So, if you believe in our storytelling, itineraries or if you like our illustrations and you want to encourage us, you can help us with a donor. We’ll use your donation for what you’ll indicate in the form below.


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