Because Culture is not a game, but playing stimulates Culture.


Sicily Histories is an application for iOS and Android devices that wants to make you passionate about the culture and history of Sicily.

Through the adventures of characters moving from one point of interest to another, we tell about archaeological parks, baroque monasteries, noble palaces, theaters and historical sites. We believe that the culture of a land is not only its artistic history, but also its heat, folklore, cooking and sympathy of the people.

Visitors, thanks to their device, can experience the trip in the shoes of historical characters of the place they visit, also, moving from place to place, can complete the great game of culture by winning prizes that can be spent throughout the territory.


Sicily Histories is not just a tourist guide,
but a way to discover Sicily and its history.

The guide, rich and complete for every point of interest, is the starting point for exploring the territory according to thematic itineraries that cross Sicily from Marsala to Capo Passero. Each itinerary tells a story with which to play to stop and experience the medieval castles, archaeological parks and all the beautiful sites that speak of the beauty of the largest island in the Mediterranean.

Archaeological Itinerary

From Syracuse to Marsala, through Catania and Morgantina making a jump to the Aeolian Islands. Phoenicians, Greeks, Carthaginians and Romans have left visible traces of their passage in every corner of the earth.

Baroque Itinerary

In Spanish Sicily, churches, monasteries and streets are a succession of ornamental statues, frescoes and golden columns, from Trapani to Scicli.


The Arab-Norman epic became a World Heritage Site in Palermo, while on the east coast the great Swabian and Aragonese castles were the protagonists of the medieval period in Sicily.

Garibaldi Itinerary

Along Garibaldi’s road, from Marsala to Catania, following the decline of the Bourbon nobility and the rise of the new Italic aristocracy.

Look at the map and discover all the POIs

Greek-Roman period

Medieval Period

Baroque period

Modern period


Immerse yourself in the magical world of SicilyHistories. Step by Step.


● Download the app from the App store or Google Play;

Explore the territory with the 3D map;;

Find your POI;

Read the guide;

● If you want to play, sign up and create your character;

Start playing with the welcome bonus;

Solve the mission by playing minigames;

● Capture and use items with Augmented Reality (where applicable);

Win your prize;

Collect your prize;

Scale the leaderboards and improve your experience.



Live Sicily with Sicily Histories:
Learn while having fun and collect all the fantastic prizes to make your holiday unique!



We create characters and let them live adventures in motion from one point of Sicily to another.
The readers/visitors of the stories will relive the places with the eyes of characters from the time when each site lived its greatest splendor.


3D Map

Why be satisfied with a simple map when you can explore Sicily in 3D? See streets, museums, churches and archaeological sites and discover what the surrounding area has to offer thanks to a totally immersive vision.


Tourist Guide

A professional and complete guide that tells the beauty and history of our Sicily. The texts of the operators of cultural tourism will guide you to the discovery of monuments and places still little known by the general public.


Custom Itinerary

Thanks to the attractive and detailed graphics, you can build unique routes in every city where you are. Follow the archaeological clues and enter freely in the reconstruction of the historical wonders of the Sicilian territory.



Help the characters of the tales and complete the missions by playing in the places you visit. Answer quizzes, complete puzzles, capture objects in augmented reality and unlock levels and rewards. The little ones will learn while having fun!


Social Sharing

Register your Sicily Histories account for free through facebook and share your personal experience on your social channels. Show all your friends the places of interest you visit and the prizes you win.


Prizes to be awarded

The more you visit points of interest, the more chances you have to play and win the prizes that can be spent on the territory! Restaurateurs, street food, wine bars, local crafts, souvenirs are just some of the possible prizes that Sicily Histories offers.


Low Consume

Sicily Histories minimizes the consumption of your data network. Play offline and connect only to download the monuments you visit.
The more points of interest you buy together, the less connection you use!


Sicily Histories APP is made with the Unity environment. We use the swift language for iOS and java / Kotlin for android.

“Sicily Histories APP is a product of Hi.Stories srl. The project is co-financed by Invitalia SPA’ “Cultura Crea”. Decree from MIBACT 11/05/2016 – Titolo II.”

Device Android

OS Android 4.4.1. or advanced.


Device iPhone

OS iOS 10.3 or advanced.





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